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Content Formats
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Mercury (RS -> TS)


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Trailcrest is designed to handle the complex tasks of user management, content generation, and AI. One of the most significant aspects of Trailcrest is its scoring and auto-leveling algorithm, which more accurately determines a student's proficiency with a given concept, monitored down to the individual content fragment, and ensures the game is never too easy or too difficult for them.

Trailcrest is also designed to load a lot of the changing elements of the game, such as content, from external Ratscript and XML-based configuration files, allowing for more rapid game development.


Trailcrest was originally designed as the "game core" for Operation SpyRat, taking its first solid form in ActionScript. It was intended only to manage scores, player data, and some advanced features that Adobe AIR did not by default.

VersionLanguageStorage FormatAdded...
(Unnamed) 1.0Visual BasicSQLScoring, hard-coded content, user profiles.
Trailcrest 1.1Python 2.7SQLiteExpanding scoring, early registration codes.
Trailcrest 1.2ActionScript 3.0XMLRatscript 0.1, rewritten user profiles.
Trailcrest 1.3ActionScript 3.0XMLRatscript 1.0, object-oriented user profiles, content engine.

Versions 1.1-1.3 used Latin names for classes. However, with the restructuring for C++, these names were dropped in favor of more commonplace (and thus, easier to remember) names.

Version Naming and Future Versions

Trailcrest versions are named after elements.

v1IridiumSolid, reliable, rare.
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