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Looking for Documentation or Articles?

Helpful reference websites and tools.


Extended ASCII code reference.

Design Patterns Notes
Design Patterns notes from CSCD 349.

Linter for JSON

Flowchart Shapes (BreezeTree)
Flowchart reference chart.

Generic Programming Paradigm
Tutorials and resources for Generic Programming.

A legendary collection of binary and assembly hacks from the MIT AI Lab! Also in PDF form:

Hello World Database (Wolfram Rösler)
"Hello, world" in nearly 500 programming languages.

The Jargon File
Eric S. Raymond's now-famous Jargon File, also known as the New Hacker's Dictionary, is at once a snarky database of programming slang and a handy reference to the weird world of programmers.

Regular Expression Linter/Reference

Sorting Algorithms
Animations, explanations, and detailed analysis of the 8 most common sorting algorithms.

Szudzik Pairings
The math algorithms for Szudzik's pairings (a better alternative to Cantor Pairing).
The C++ codes are as follows, for reference:

int z = (x >= y ? x * x + x + y : x + y * y);

//Get X
int zAbsRoot = abs(sqrt(z));
int zMinus = z - pow(zAbsRoot,2);
int x = (zMinus >= zAbsRoot ? zAbsRoot : zMinus);

//Get Y
int zAbsRoot = abs(sqrt(z));
int zMinus = z - pow(zAbsRoot,2);
int y = (zMinus >= zAbsRoot ? zMinus - zAbsRoot : zAbsRoot);

Official Unicode code charts.

Unicode Character Table
Nicely organized Unicode code chart with search.

99 Bottles of Beer
Example programs in hundreds of languages, generating the full lyrics to "99 Bottles of Beer." Good for getting an idea of working in a particular language.

Graphic Design

Blender StackExchange
A Q&A site for Blender users.

A community-run color palette catalog.

Graphic Design StackExchange
A Q&A site for graphic designers.

Inkscape Filter Guide
A handy reference from LittleWebHut.

UX StackExchange
A Q&A site for user interface design.

Color Palettes idea
A handy website for choosing the awesome color combination for your design.

Creating 3D environments in Blender
Udemy is a website with many awesome courses. For example, this course helps you creating wonderful environment scenes.

Inkscape Q&A
A Q&A for Inkscape users.

UI Design

Icon Naming Specifications
The common icon names, for interface design.

Content Development

Creative Commons

Public domain audiobooks.

Creative Commons music scores and recordings. (Use for Phantom Orchestra)

Project Gutenburg
Creative Commons and public domain e-books.


Curriculum resources.


Animal Congregations
Animal Congregations, or What Do You Call a Group of.....?

Commonly Used Abbreviations
A list of commonly used abbreviations.

A list of common pluralization rules.

English StackExchange
A Q&A site about English.

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