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You can borrow many of these books from the company Library.

Programming Books

Cathedral and the Bazaar by Eric S. Raymond
Explores the origins of open surce, hacker culture, and how these seemingly impossible structures continue to exist.
Book Website
Read Free Online: Introduction | A Brief History of Hackerdom | (Ch 1) Cathedral and the Bazaar | (Ch 2) Homesteading the Noosphere | (Ch 3) The Magic Cauldron | (Ch 4) Revenge of the Hackers | Afterword

Dreaming in Code by Scott Rosenberg
An in-depth look at the quirks of software development. (Required reading at MousePaw Games.)
Book Website

Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory
In-depth coverage of building a game engine in C++ from scratch.
Book Website

Game Programming Patterns by Robert Nystrom
Explores various design patterns used in game design - including when NOT to use them!
Book Website
Read Free Online

Hacker's Delight by Henry S. Warren, Jr
Various hacker-worthy code recipes in C, C++, and Assembly. Largely math and efficiency oriented.
Book Website

Programming with gtkmm by Murray Cumming
Tutorials and code recipes for working with GTK in C++.
Read Free Online

Wikipatterns by Steward Mader
A good reference for maintaining a wiki in a company (like this one).
Book Website

Crafting Interpreters by Bob Nystrom
A step by step exploration of designing your own language. Starting with Lox
Read Free Online

Graphic Design

Content Development

The Core Knowledge Series by E.D. Hirsch
Excellent grade-specific reference books for educators and, in our case, content developers.
Series Website

Other Books

Minecraft by Daniel Goldberg
A biography of Minecraft creator Markus Persson. Provides an interesting look into game development and the indie game industry.
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StrengthsQuest by Donald O. Clifton, PhD, et al
An excellent resource and book for professional and academic development. I (Jason) took a course based on this in college, and I found it incredibly insightful.
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