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Meeting Agenda Templates
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Here's what to expect: Stand-Ups (Atlassian)

  • Company Minute (Announcements.)
  • What did you do last week?
  • What is your plan for next week? Is there anything blocking you?
  • Company announcements.

Sprint Planning

Here's what to expect: Sprint Planning (Atlassian)

Answer the following questions in order as a group:

  • Select a Scrum Master.
  • Why is this Sprint valuable?
  • Who will be Scrum Master? (See Roles: Scrum Master)
  • What can be Done this Sprint?
  • How will chosen work get done?

At the conclusion, the team should have produced a Sprint Goal and Sprint Backlog, and agreed upon a Definition of Done.

Backlog Refinement

Here's what to expect: Backlogs (Atlassian}

During the Backlog Refinement Meeting, the team will review the remaining items in the Backlog, revising, breaking down, and moving items as appropriate. New work must not be added to the sprint.

Sprint Review

Here's what to expect: Sprint Reviews (Atlassian}

This meeting has the following essential structure, Round Robin-style:

  • Developer presents demo of work accomplished during sprint. This can be presented individually, in pairs, or as a team depending on the nature of the work accomplished.
  • Review Sprint Backlog. What work is accomplished? What items from the backlog are Done? What changed from the original plan?
  • Update Product Backlog. What new items or opportunities have emerged during this sprint?

The Product Backlog should be adjusted during the meeting as a preliminary for Sprint Planning in two weeks.

Sprint Retrospective

Here's what to expect: Retrospectives (Atlassian}

At the outset, remind the team of the purpose of the retrospective: to improve processes, not critique people.

The facilitator should select one of these prompt sets for the meeting:

  • Start Doing/Stop Doing/Continue Doing
  • Do More/Do Less
  • Glad/Sad/Mad
  • Helpful/Harmful

In a collaborative document (such as Etherpad), give everyone five minutes to write down items for the different prompts. Encourage them not to change each other’s entries during this five minutes.

At the end of the five minutes, read the entries aloud. Consider having a different person read the entries for each prompt. Merge duplicates and related entries together.

Give everyone three votes, and have each individual vote on which issues on the document should be discussed during the meeting. In Etherpad, this can be done by adding initials below the item being voted on.

Take the top six items, usually 2-3 from each prompt, and discuss each. Focus on solutions. Timebox each discussion to five minutes. At the end of each discussion, confirm the action item, and ask for someone to take ownership of implementing.

At the end of the meeting, move the contents of the document, along with the meeting notes, to a dedicated page on the wiki.

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