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Publishing the MousePaw'dCast
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These are the complete instructions for publishing the MousePaw'dCast.

NOTE: These tasks should be completed the day before scheduled airing to ensure the podcast is available everywhere on time!

Production Materials

You should have the following files, with the indicated file names (where # is the episode number):

  • The mastered voice-only segments:
    • ep#_intro_mastered.ogg
    • ep#_contentdev_mastered.ogg OR ep#_designprod_mastered.ogg
    • ep#_companyupdate_mastered.ogg
    • ep#_programming_mastered.ogg
    • ep#_outro_mastered.ogg
    • ep#_promo_mastered.ogg (this is only the promo voiceover).
  • The finished podcast, saved as MousePawdCast_Ep#.ogg
  • The podcast promo audio (saved as MousePawdCast_Ep#_Promo.ogg) AND video (saved as MousePawdCast_Ep#_Promo.mp4).
  • The MousePaw'dCast logo, saved as mousepawdcast_logo.png.
IMPORTANT: The above should *always* be retained for each episode, no matter how old! Otherwise, you only need to save the .aup file and unmastered audio files for the previous and current month's episodes only.

You also need the official episode description (which you should also record on the episode wiki page.)

Publishing Promo

You should upload the podcast promo (MousePawdCast_Ep#.mp4) to the company social media accounts *before* you begin the upload of the podcast itself. Make sure it is published on:

  • Twitter (@mousepawmedia only): While uploading, be sure to select the entire one minute video, not just the suggested 45-second preview.
  • YouTube: Be sure to disable comments, and opt-out of the autopost to G+ and Twitter. Then, post the message and the YouTube link to...
    • Google Plus: Make sure you post to the brand account, not the "personal" MousePaw Media account.
    • LinkedIn: You administrative the company page, where you should post this, through your personal LinkedIn account.

You should include a message on each following the basic format...

All-new episode of the MousePaw'dCast coming {DATE}! Check it out on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Android, and more.

Publishing Podcast

  1. Confirm that the MousePawdCast_Ep#.ogg file plays correctly.
  1. Go to and sign in to the mousepawmedia account. Click the Upload button on the main index (or go to
  1. Click Upload Files and select MousePawdCast_Ep#.ogg. Do the same for mousepawdcast_logo.png.
  1. Set the following metadata:
Field NameValue
Page TitleMousePaw'dCast: Episode #
Page URLMousePawdCastEp#
Description(See episode wiki)
Subject Tagsprogramming; mousepawdcast; development; software; mousepaw; {other tags}
CreatorMousePaw Media
Date(Current date)
CollectionCommunity Audio
Test ItemNo
LicenseCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs [Creative Commons, Prohibit Commercial Use]
  1. Click Upload and Create Your Item.
  1. After initial upload, edit the item's metadata again, and make sure that mousepawdcast_logo.png is set to file type Item Image (towards the bottom of the item metadata page).
  1. In the website repository ({rW}), edit Copy the <item> node, starting on line 46, and paste a new copy at line 46, so the new paste is the topmost <item> node. Carefully go through this, updating the information for the new episode.
NOTE: It will be about 10-20 minutes until the automatically generated .mp3 version of the podcast appears on the page. You will need that in order to get its URL, as well as its length in bytes (under <enclosure).
  1. Still in the website repository ({rW}), edit to announce the new podcast. Be sure to move the previous episode down to the "Archives" section.
  1. Still in the website repository, edit and to display the latest podcast episode.
  1. Triple-check all the edits to podcast.html, index.html, articles_sidebar.html, and mousepawdcast.rss. Commit the changes and push them to both the master and stable.
IMPORTANT: The same commit must be pushed to both master and stable to trigger the auto-publishing with Jenkins.
  1. Verify that the website changes are live on

In 24-hours or less, all of the podcast services that list us will pick up the new episode.

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