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Ep 6: New Worlds and Forgotten Times (Feb 2018)
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Host: @adjensen

Featured Software: LibreOffice

Cold Open: Just when you think you understand your world, the bottom falls out. (-ajmcdonald)

Content and Design Topic: Creating the Story World (@adjensen, @ajmcdonald, @jcmcdonald)

Programming Topic: Lessons From the Punchcard Era (@clfrasier, @jcmcdonald)


Episode 6: New Worlds and Forgotten Times

In this episode, Annie, Allie, and Jason discuss world building in storytelling. Chris and Jason talk about design and debugging lessons for modern coders from the era of punchcard programming. Break out the card punch confetti and tune in!

Music: "Outer Orbit" by Revolution Void (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)


This is the MousePaw'dCast, Episode 6, for February 2018. I'm Allie Jensen.

This week, I'm talking with Anne and Jason McDonald about what goes into building your story world.

Later, Jason McDonald and Chris Frasier discuss design and debugging lessons from the bygone era of punchcard programming.

MousePaw Media is powered by open source software, like LibreOffice, a powerful and free office suite for the modern professional. LibreOffice handles all major file formats, and provides tools for creating beautiful, professional documents. You can find out more information and download at LibreOffice (dot) org, that's L I B R E office (dot) O R G.

Company Update

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Thanks to Anne McDonald, Chris Frasier, and Jason C. McDonald for joining us today.

Our music is "Outer Orbit" and "Time Flux" by Revolution Void. It was licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. For this and more great free music, check out the Free Music Archive, at

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The MousePaw'dCast is a production of MousePaw Media, dedicated to creating innovative solutions for education. You can find out more about our company and projects at

I'm Allie Jensen, wishing you a fantastic day!


This week on the MousePaw'dCast, Annie, Allie, and I talk about crafting story worlds.


...and I sit down with Chris to chat about lessons learned from old school programming.


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