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Ep 5: Villains and Time Flux (Jan 2018)
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Host: @bdvolwiler

Featured Software: Clang

Cold Open: "I make one joke about being a time lord, and our entire schedule goes wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey." -@jcmcdonald

Content and Design Topic: Characters pt. 3: Villains (@adjensen, @jcmcdonald, @ajmcdonald)

Programming Topic: Gallifreyan Project Management (@jcmcdonald, @bdvolwiler)


Episode 5: Villains and Time Flux

In this episode, Annie, Allie, and Jason conclude their story character development discussion by talking about antagonists and their motivations. Bo and Jason discuss how to handle uncertainty in project management. We've got villains and time lords abundant, so tune in!

Music: "Outer Orbit" by Revolution Void (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0)


This is the MousePaw'dCast, Episode 5, for January 2018. I'm your host, Bowen Volwiler.

This week, we join Allie Jensen, Anne McDonald, and Jason C. McDonald as they conclude our three-part discussion about character development in stories.

Later, I'll be joining Jason C. McDonald as we discuss project management and uncertainty from a rather unusual perspective.

MousePaw Media is powered by open source software, like Clang - a powerful C and C++ compiler by LLVM, built on a clean and modern code base. For
more information, visit clang (dot) L L V M (dot) org. That's C L A N G (dot) L L V M (dot) O R G.

Company Update

If you're an open source developer, there's never been a better time to join in at MousePaw Media! This quarter, we are developing the first draft of the Ratscript language parser, as well as the communication protocol between the Anari graphics engine and the Lightrift animation studio tool. If you're interested on getting involved, check out mousepaw media (dot) com (forward slash) developers.

PawLIB 1 (point) 1 is scheduled for release this March, and is set to feature the first stable release of OneString, a new C++ string class sporting full Unicode support and compatibility with the traditional standard string class.

If you haven't already, don't forget to follow us on Twitter as mouse paw media. Our 'temporary account restriction' is a Twitter glitch that's been affecting us for over a year. We can also be found on Google Plus, GitHub, and LinkedIn as 'mousepaw media', and on YouTube as 'mousepaw games'. I R C lovers can find us on the Freenode network on the hash-mousepawmedia channel.


Thanks to Jason C. McDonald, Allie Jensen, and Anne McDonald for joining us today.

Our music is "Outer Orbit" and "Time Flux" by Revolution Void. It was licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. For this and more great free music, check out the Free Music Archive, at

Distribution of this podcast is made possible by the Internet Archive, a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and more. Check them out at

This podcast is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0. In other words, you're free to download and share! More information at

The MousePaw'dCast is a production of MousePaw Media, dedicated to creating innovative solutions for education. You can find out more about our company and projects at

This has been Bowen Volwiler, and have a great day!


NOTE: Because this was added during final production, Jason recorded this.

This week on the MousePaw'dCast, we conclude our three-part discussion on
character development in stories...

...and Bo and I discuss handling uncertainty in project management.

Check out the all new MousePaw'dCast on your favorite podcast service,
or online at MousePawMedia (dot) com (forward slash) podcast.


I'm Bowen Volwiler, Second Assistant Lead Developer at MousePaw Media, and I'm talking with Lead Developer Jason C. McDonald about project management

0. We had a strange year, but you take that into account its hard to plan around software development

  1. Explain the concept of flux and how it relates to project management
  • a. flux and flux bridges
  1. how do you plan around/counteract flux
  • a. Explain QTM (quantified task management)
  • b. gravity, priority, friction, relativity
  1. Rules/tips for avoiding flux bridges
  1. What do you do when things do go off track?
  • a. How do you adjust when the unanticipated happens?
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