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About the MousePaw'dCast

The MousePaw'dCast is a free, monthly online podcast. We should ensure each episode is completed and ready to go *before* the month of airing.

Duration: Approx. 30 minutes to 45 hour

Topics: Company updates, software development, game design, education.

Goals: There are three major goals for the MousePaw’dCast.

  1. Create high-quality content that can be used to build interest in MousePaw Media.
  1. Provide staff and interns opportunities to practice their communication skills.
  1. Engagingly inform listeners about important industry top (Mar 2018)ics.

Distribution: Every episode will be published on under the CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

We rotate the "host" job, giving various staff members an opportunity. Most of the time, guests will be MousePaw Media staff/interns, but we may have outside guests on occasion.

Style: We want to aim for the same friendly conversational tone present in our staff meetings. Discussions should feel like exactly that – discussions – not scripted interviews.

Intro/Outro Music: “Outer Orbit” by Revolution Void. Licensed under CC-BY 3.0.

Midpoint Music: "Time Flux" by Revolution Void. Licensed under CC-BY 3.0.

(We may also use other tracks from the album "The Politics of Desire" by Revolution Void

Episode Structure

  • Cold Open: Usually some snarky, out-of-context statement by a staff member or guest.
  • Introduction:
    • Welcome, date, host name.
    • Topics overview.
    • Featured open source software.
  • Content and Design: This segment is reserved for Content Development [Dept] and Design and Production [Dept].
  • Company Updates: A brief overview of the latest news from MousePaw Media and related tech.
  • Programming: This segment is reserved for Programming [Dept].
  • Outro: Program legal information.

Recording Protocol

Whenever a guest cannot record in person, they should connect to our company Discord channel. We only use Discord to hear each other. Every remote guest must record their own part using Audacity, and export in .ogg format.

Each recording should start with several seconds of ambient background noise (for later audio cleaning). The beginning of the audio recording should also have a synchronized clap (all recording guests should clap at the same time) to aid in syncing audio in editing.

Raw audio files should be uploaded to the Podcast folder on Nextcloud, or else emailed to


We reuse a few scripts...

Opening Script Template
Company Update Template
Ending Script Template
Template Promo

Scheduled Episodes

IMPORTANT: All episodes must be recorded and produced before their airing month, whenever possible!

Ep 7: TBD

Ep 8: TBD

Unscheduled Topics

  • Semantic versioning
  • Docker CI
  • Packaging with Python
  • Dev environments
  • IDEs
  • Compilers
  • C++ vs. Python
  • C++ vs. Rust
  • From Java to C++
  • "Things I'd tell my intern self" (Jason should NOT be in this one!)
  • Writing a Spec (TBD)

Publishing the MousePaw'dCast

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