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Studio Animation Software Notes
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Courtesy of Audrey

FlashScreenshot.jpg (1×1 px, 188 KB)


Screenshot_(90).png (900×1 px, 504 KB)


  • Light gray color scheme/Customizable to what you like
  • Asks for size of document on startup
  • Timeline on the bottom with a large time span
  • Tree hierarchy of layers
  • Library concept (A bit of space waste in layout.)
  • Large canvas area
  • Menu item organization
  • Drag out guidelines
  • Keyboard shortcuts for everything (Synfig users)
  • Multiple playback options (Audrey)
  • Filters can be applied to individual items


  • Toolbars on the right (All other Adobe products they are on the left.)
  • Code in the timeline area (Too small.)
  • Onion skinning tools are too small and not as visible. (Audrey)
  • Layer/Frame options are too small (Add, delete, etc.) (Audrey)
  • Timeline isn't super clear, better than Synfig, but it's a bit difficult to know what a keyframe is and where you are (Audrey and Stacy)
  • Tools are too small. (Synfig users)
  • Very few filter options
  • Difficult to find filters, they're a property

Flash Plugin Keyframe Caddy

A nice example of its use Jazza Youtube Tutorial

Courtesy of CloudKid

keyframecadddy.png (450×600 px, 46 KB)


  • Very simple to use
  • Limits view to just what's applicable (For example, mouth shapes)


  • Very difficult (potentially impossible) to install
  • Creating the thumbnails is highly dependent on Flash keyframes


  • What can be reused? I feel like there should be some export option to reuse the shapes in other documents
  • Would naming be useful for animators? (For example, being able to click on the thumbnail collection and type ScamperMouth)
  • Would it be beneficial to create the shapes in a panel separate from the document as opposed to being part of the keyframes?


For some odd reason, this is what you get on startup

Screenshot (98).png (900×1 px, 1005 KB)

This is a toggleable option, much better!
Screenshot (99).png (900×1 px, 330 KB)


  • Large selection of tools with tooltip information and keyboard shortcuts
  • Doesn't automatically create a document on startup
  • Large color picker
  • Large number of dockable panels, clearly indicated as dockable
  • Hide and show layer options
  • In place enlargement of brushes
  • Overall fairly easy to use, decent documentation
  • Can write and download plugins
  • Nice variety of filters
  • Easy application of filters


  • Interface is split into 3 separate panels (Has a single window option, but doesn't launch automatically)
  • Toolbox feels scrunched
  • Pull out guides are incredibly hard to see (Blue and black dashed line)
  • Tool options are below the tools panel
  • Doesn't prompt on layer delete
  • Can't lock a single layer
  • No selection tool or shape tools
  • Long time to apply filters on a simple image
  • Filter application can't be undone without damage to the image
  • Filters apply to the whole document


Screenshot_(91).png (900×1 px, 154 KB)


  • List of actions to undo
  • Larger buttons (Tools, Timeline controls)
  • All transformations in one place (This needs some work programming wise. Maybe use different colors to differentiate) (Jason)
  • Rulers present when program starts up
  • Dockable panels (They don't currently work) (Synfig users)


  • Command prompt pop-up
  • Small timeline and smaller canvas
  • Document size preselected on startup
  • Can't lock layers
  • Can't move shapes with arrow keys
  • Too much space dedicated to colors
  • Help files are online only, incomplete, and don't contain enough images to support new users.
  • Representation of keyframes (Audrey)
  • Hard to see where you are, missing slider (Audrey)
  • Filters are layers, can't apply to just one shape
  • Previous knowledge required to find filters (Under layers, not object properties)
  • Small selection of filters, mostly focused on photography
  • Little documentation associated with filters (Just info about blurs)


(Synfig users like this GUI.)

Screenshot_(92).png (900×1 px, 137 KB)


  • Help files are highly complete
  • Arrow keys can be used for movement
  • Pull out guides
  • Rulers present on startup
  • Wide variety of drawing tools, probably too many for us
  • Tool and shortcut info present in tooltip help
  • Create your own docked item, highly customizable workspace
  • Tool options/details appear on the top and bottom toolbars
  • Large selection of filters (Have the artists narrow down from this list?)
  • Easily find, apply, edit, and remove the filters


  • Doesn't ask what size to make documents on startup
  • File type commands (New, Print, Save, etc.) are on the right, normally on top
  • No preset profiles, every option is on screen, feels a bit much
  • Layer window not present on startup
  • Must explicitly lock layer, can't just select a layer and only be able to select things that are on that layer
  • Difficult to select fill and stroke for a shape
  • Hexadecimal is the default for color picking, we probably want rgb


Courtesy of Audrey

PencilScreenshot.jpg (542×1 px, 123 KB)

timeline.png (137×892 px, 5 KB)


  • Onion skinning, add/delete layers, etc. is readily accessible. (Audrey)
  • Timeline is very clear (Audrey)
  • Large work area
  • Highly customizable layout
  • Clear tool, needs a yes/no dialog option, but easier than erasing everything


  • Playback over simplistic, play/stop (Audrey)
  • Color sliders are default, difficult to get the exact shade you want
  • Doesn't ask for canvas size on startup
  • Can't lock the layers
  • Super basic drawing tools, I think we'll need more
  • No filters available
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