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Feature List
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End Users

(Ordered by frequency of use)

  1. Animators
  2. Programmers
  3. Graphic Designers


Animation Tools (High)

  1. Timeline
    • Large timespan
    • Easily tell where you are on the timeline (Slider)
    • Easily tell where a keyframe is (Clear symbols)
  2. Onion Skin Tools
    • Onion skin
    • Outlines
    • Edit Multiple Frames
  3. Symbol Library
    • Easy reuse of items occurring in the document
  4. Collection/Rig Window
    • Select an item from a collection, like a rig (For example mouth shapes for lip syncing)
    • Create all items within this window?
    • Export/Import contents for use in different documents/projects?
  5. Motion Tweens
    • Simple application (Right click, a tool?)
    • Predefined motions (Bounce, straight line glide, etc.)

Programming IDE (High)

  1. Code Appearance
    • Large area for code, potentially a separate window from graphics/animation canvas
    • Debugging view is the same as the editor
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Code folding
  2. Tools
    • Intellisense
    • Large breakpoints that persist between sessions
    • Full suite of debugging tools (Step, Step out, Step over)
    • See what's in the variables and draw visual attention to them when they change
    • Document explorer with right click option to add a new code file
    • Symbol explorer, click to jump to method/variable
    • Click on items on canvas to add event listeners (Wishlist)
    • Shortcuts to documentation (Wishlist)
    • Built in source control (Wishlist)
  3. General Items
    • Fast to get up and running (Easy to use)
    • Allow for 3rd party extensions/plugins (Wishlist)
    • Themes (Wishlist)
    • Dockable items (Wishlist)

Transformation Tools (High)

  1. Canvas
    • Large work area
    • Pull out guides for alignment on both axises
    • User defines the document size on new document/startup (Transparent background default?)
    • Rulers visible by default (Top left corner is 0,0? Measure in pixels?)
    • Zoom tools
  2. Move Tools
    • Standard arrow selection for click and drag (Arrow keys for fine adjustments)
    • Rotate and scale (I think other programs call this a distort tool)
    • Subselection tool for manipulating paths (Wishlist level probably)
  3. Selection Tools
    • Standard square selection tool
    • Lasso for custom selections
    • Both have editable paths via subselection tool? (See Move tools)

Filter Tools (Medium)

Drawing Tools (Low)

  1. Shapes
    • Square
    • Circle
    • Line
    • Polygon
  2. Colors
    • Paintbucket (Wishlist smart fill to replace colors)
    • Color picker for shape fills and outlines
  3. Eraser
    • Erase selected pixels
    • Clear a whole layer (Wishlist)
    • Smart erase (Wishlist)
  4. Free Draw
    • Pencil (Follows path of mouse)
    • Pen (Plot points, line drawn between the points, user can adjust the line with handles)
    • Brushes (Wishlist)

General Wishlist

  • Customizable color scheme
  • User group (Animators, Programmers, etc.) built in profiles
  • User customizable profiles (Software remembers how your work environment is set up)
  • Tooltip descriptions for all tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts for tool/menu item access
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