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Tips from Alumni
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Here are some tips from previous MousePaw Media interns on making the most of your internship...

Anna Dunster

"Put as much into it as you want to get out of it. And remember: this isn't school. For those six hours (or whatever) per week that you're working on this, this is your job. It isn't something to turn in for a grade that nobody else will use. Other peoples' work is depending on what you do. Progress on the projects in general is depending on what you do. If you don't do it, it may not get done. Commit to doing the best you can do and improving whenever you can, and MousePaw will support you in accomplishing that."

Former Ratscript and SIMPLEXpress project lead

Nate Groggett

"School really doesn't teach how to handle code for longer than a couple months at a time. Where development is often spontaneous and lasts a weekend maybe a little longer. So to really make use of your internship at MousePaw Media recognize that the code you develop is for others. If you perform code management, critical feedback, and refactoring with others in mind you will be able to develop anything.

"I also strongly encourage you to code something every day, even if it's only 15 minutes. This will cause you to look back at the code you have written with a fresh but consistent set of eyes, allowing what you write to incrementally get better every time."

-Nate Groggett (@nsgroggett)
Former Ratscript project lead
(2nd Cohort)

Stacy Melgard: Commit and Collaborate

"I would say that the best way to make the most of an internship is to commit to fulfilling the hour requirement and more if possible. Working completely remote is a challenge for many people and is good practice for the working world where sometimes it's just you and whatever you can Google.

"Collaborating via weekly meetings is also a good setting to become familiar with as many companies work with developers in different countries.

"Also being willing to participate in as many facets of the company as possible made the internship a lot of fun as I got to explore design work which is outside of my major. While it didn't necessarily apply to me at MousePaw [Media] since my first major was education, learning/knowing about the business is a part of your job as a developer and I'm not sure many new grads realize this."

-Stacy (Carlson) Melgard (@smcarlson)
First program graduate
Original UX designer of Lightrift
(1st Cohort)

Alex Price: Be Inquisitive

"Show interest and ask questions. One of the parts I enjoyed most about working with Jason was his willingness to collaborate coupled with his passion for writing software the right way. Be inquisitive around someone who is willing to share their knowledge and opinions. The team I worked with was always willing and able to help anyone out that needed it. Collaborating helps everyone out and creates better team relationships."

-Alex Price (@atprice)
Former Asst. Lead Developer
(3rd Cohort)

Sergio Ramirez: Communicate and Collaborate

"I think getting better at collaboration and communication is one of the most important things to get from the internship. I think coding can be done alone, but being part of an internship or job requires great collaboration and communication skills for things like, using time efficiently, resource allocation, making sure work is maintained at the highest quality possible but also getting there efficiently."

-Sergio Ramirez (@smramirez)
Former Anari Project Lead
(3rd Cohort)

Scott Taylor: Be Flexible

"Knowing that the internship is an incredible opportunity to expand professionally in a flexible and fun way. Work with Jason to pick something for you to work on that you'll be passionate about, but is also a little outside your comfort zone. MousePaw [Media] prides itself on learning, and that extends to its interns.

"Engage with Jason and other interns to soak up as much professional and technical knowledge as possible. And when you work on projects in your own time, focus on finding the best solutions, not the easiest or fastest. This is not only a chance to improve your programming/development skills, but also to improve your problem solving and search skills.

"Be flexible and always ask questions. There will be times where it will be hard and you may not have all the answers, but at MousePaw [Media] someone will always be there to help you out. Be flexible and patient and you will get incredible things out of a MousePaw [Media] internship."

-Scott Taylor (@sataylor)
Former Asst. Lead Developer
Original developer of Onestring
(2nd Cohort)

Bo Volwiler: Be Ready To Lead

"While working in a small team, every contribution you make is felt by the entire cohort. This is both scary and exciting.

You'll often be the only one tackling a given task. Don't be afraid, and trust yourself fully. You will hit roadblocks. You will also make breakthroughs. The team gains the same from the knowledge of your mistakes as well as your successes.

You're in the driver's seat. And you're gonna do great."

-Bo Volwiler (@bdvolwiler)
(3rd Cohort)

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