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This is for Goldilocks 2.0. If you're using Goldilocks 1.0 (part of PawLIB), see the official documentation at

Goldilocks Shell is the default interactive shell for loading and running Goldilocks tests. These are all the commands for Goldilocks Shell. All commands can also be run as UNIX-style command-line arguments.

Document Syntax

Required parameters are listed in square brackets: [required]

Optional parameters are listed in parentheses: (optional)

about [item]

Display the documentation and other information for the indicated [item].

benchmark [test] (number)

Runs a benchmark on [test], using its registered comparative, with (number) repetitions.

compare [test1] [test2] (number)

Runs a comparative benchmark between [test1] and [test2] with (number) repetitions. This is seldom used, as its prone to apples-and-oranges comparisons, unlike benchmark, but it can be useful at times.

help (command)

Displays all commands, or info about a specified (command).

list (suite)

Displays the available suites. Passing an optional (suite) will display all the tests in that suite.

load (suite)

Loads all suites, or the given (suite).

run [item] (number)

Runs an [item], being a test or suite, with the optional (number) of repetitions, default 1.

kamikaze [test]

Runs a [test] as a "controlled crash", logging test details to an external file on the way down. This is the only way to run Fatality Tests, but is also useful for Stress Tests, Edge Tests, and Fuzz Tests when a crash is occurring.

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