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What Is Phriction?

This is our company wiki, which we use for creating, storing, and revising standards, documentation, and anything else that seems to fit.

FAQ: Editing

Can just anyone edit?

With a few notable exceptions, yes - either anyone on the project, any staff member, or anyone at all, can view and edit the wiki.

You can edit who is allowed to view and edit a page on the edit screen, but users are encouraged to keep the wiki as open as possible.

Is the information accurate?

Ah, you're probably thinking of Wikipedia. Actually, as wiki advocate Stewart Mader says, "it...will be as correct as any other information source..." This is because it is maintained by the same people that generate all of that other stuff. In fact, since anyone can edit it, errors and outdated information is fixed more quickly, and thus, the wiki has the potential to be MORE accurate.

What if a bad change is made?

Changes are recorded on the Document History, and reverting to a prior version is a simple matter.

What if I find an error or some outdated information?

Go ahead and fix it! If it is anything terribly monumental, consider chatting with your team members on Conpherence about the changes first.

When you make changes, please summarize what you did in the edit notes.

Do I have to get permission to change something?

In general, no. (See above.) Although the wiki is moderated by management, we try to keep our hands off as much as possible. Go ahead and make your changes. If there's a problem, they can always be edited further or rolled back.

To help keep things tidy, project-based sections are locked so only project members may edit. Absolutely anyone can join a project easily by going to Projects, selecting the project, and going to MembersJoin Project.

May I add pages?

Go for it! Put it in a place that makes sense. However, we encourage you to add content when you create the page, instead of saying "to be filled in later."

May I move pages and/or help organize?

You're welcome to help keep things organized, but please resist the temptation to move things too much. A good rule of thumb is to ask if someone looking for the content you're moving will be able to quickly guess where to find it.

Again, if it a monumental change, consider discussing it with your team members first.

May I delete pages?

That would be considered a monumental change usually. See above.

Can I export in PDF/ODT?

Meh, unfortunately, not yet. That's on the planned feature list for later. In the meantime, the best way to get a PDF is to use your browser's Print feature, turn off the automatic header/footer (if you have that option), and select Print to File from the device selection.

May I copy/paste from the wiki to email/chat?

We'd prefer if you just gave a link to the wiki. Staff - if you're giving restricted information to non-staff, you may be violating confidentiality - when in doubt, talk to a manager.

Format Tips

Some handy guidelines and tips for formatting wiki pages.

  • Use headers. The Table of Contents is generated for each page using these headers (which start with =, ==, ===, and the like.
  • Match style. Take note of the existing format on the page (or similar pages), and try to match it. If you think of an improvement on style, please consider reformatting the page to keep things clean and consistent.
  • Keep pages short-ish. If the content spans miles, it may be better to break it down into separate pages. In general, follow the guideline of...
  • One page, one subject. Case-and-point, the Operation SpyRat Characters page has a list of character bios, but dialogue snippets are on the Dialogue File.
  • Ensure pages aren't TOO short. A page with three sentences probably needs to live on another page, or be expanded.
  • Help maintain indexes. Landing pages for each "book" on Phriction contains links to its major pages, to speed up navigation. Please help keep these up to date.

NOTE: Staff, after reading this page, please edit it and add your nametag below this point.


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