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NOTE: Because many of these topics are controversial, editing privileges for this and all sub-documents are restricted to staff.

Inclusive Language

All documents and conversations relating to diversity and inclusion at MousePaw Media belong here.


From our Code of Conduct:

Employees and representatives of the company should exhibit RESPECT and WISDOM in their words and deeds, being mindful and sensitive to others viewpoints, ideas, and opinions, and taking into consideration the possible repercussions of their words and actions.

HONESTY and FAIRNESS should be present in all of the company’s policies and actions, never deliberately misleading, manipulative, or discriminatory. It should seek outcomes that are just and evenhanded for all parties involved.

It is for this reason that diversity and inclusion are so important to us. However, the paradox of tolerance is at play here too: in order for us to be truly inclusive, we must be intolerant of intolerance. As a result, to create and protect a culture of diversity, we must not give platform to discriminatory or hateful speech.


  • Remove master from repositories.
  • Add DIVERSITY and INCLUSION to Code of Ethics.
  • Use inclusive speech in all official documents, communications, and projects.
  • Institute stronger pro-diversity rules in our Community Rules. We may adopt part or all of the Contributor Convenant. (This is more in-depth than it first appears, and will involve writing enforcement policies.)
  • Find ways to diversify internship candidate base.
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