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Player Movement
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Below are the tasks for the Player Movement team with their gravity rankings.

Handling Player Input

Player controls and state: Walkingg5
Player controls and state: Auto-jump on "stairs" *g4
Player controls and state: Free-climbingg5
Player controls and state: Placing hookg4
Player controls and state: Using pickaxeg5
Player controls and state: Using drillg5
Player controls and state: Using TNTg3
Player controls and state: Using scout toolg2
The player should "know" depth, which should be displayed somewhere on the screeng4
Loading and rendering spritesg5
Support block: Determines walking, climbing, hanging **g5
Indicator toolbars showing selected/available tools and power level ***g3
Movement/tool sounds.g2
Pathfinding to a safe position before TNT explosion ****g4
EASTER EGG: Pressing some obscure key causes character shouting "hello!" and getting echo (strength of echo depends on surroundings)g1
EASTER EGG: Konami code: Unlocks COFFEE MODE, sprite yells "WOO HOO!" and vibrates on idle (idle motion is 10x speed) and runs/climbs super fast. Expires after a few seconds. The Player also makes "hee hee" sounds while running.g1

*Left/right automatically causes the player to jump up or down to the next step in that direction.

**Based on eight surrounding blocks returned from GameMap. This resets for each new position (it defaults to 0 for free-climbing or 1 for walking, 3, 5, or 7 with hook).

***The toolbar should also show what key to press to select a tool or level. It shows available and selected tools. Unavailable tools are greyed out. The toolbar should also look like stitched leather. The power level bar shows selected power level, and REMAINING power (e.g. with the pickaxe).

****Player should remember its last ten steps so it can pathfind out of the way of a TNT explosion very quickly.

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