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Miners Log
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Below are the tasks for the Miner's Log team with their gravity rankings.

Game Menu *g5
Player profile: Treasures Found/Collections Completedg5
Player profile: Score **g4
Miner’s log logic: Treasures foundg5
Miner’s log logic: Collections ***g5
The logic for navigating miner's log (keys pressed)g5
Adding a new item to log ****g5 (logic), g3 (fanfare, see below)
Displaying the current mission.g2

*Press esc to toggle from anywhere.

**Valuable items are worth more points. A completed collection is worth bonus points. Initial items are worth 10x than a repeat of the same item.

***Shadows show missing treasures in a collection.

****The item always is displayed upon being mined, and then "shrinks" down into the miner's log icon. There is big exciting fanfare for new item found and collection completed.

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