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Here are some general ideas about how DiamondQuest will look.


Display/Math font: Cascadia Code

dqmath_cascadiacodefont.png (170×720 px, 15 KB)

Decorative/Title font: Kirsty

diamondquest_kirstyfont.png (174×720 px, 10 KB)

Character Design

  • The character will be a miner. She will have a small build, making her look like a bit like a square (as wide as she is tall). Her skin will be light brown and her hair will be pulled back into a braid that sways as she walks or climbs. She will also be wearing a miner's helmet that covers her eyes.

    Her animations will include walking, free climbing, holding a tool, and being idle. Many of these actions include multiple different graphics files. For instance, the idle animation will include her hands moving up and down slightly to signify that she is standing still but still breathing.

    Her facial expressions are still in the design stage, but there is the idea of giving her a bit of a grimace when she's holding TNT.


    Designs have been started for the pickaxe, drill, and TNT. See the above links to the digital and GIF mockup for more.

    Block Textures

  • Textures include grass/grassroot blocks, unbreakable Mantle Rock, Stone Blocks, Mineral Blocks, Artifact Blocks, and Fossil Blocks. They also include these blocks once they have been removed by the player.

    Blocks will be arranged as a grid where each block will represent a specific (x, y) coordinate. Below is a table representation of how blocks will be removed programmatically:

    X-CorY-CorWhat Happens
    xySpecific block at x, y
    x-1Entire column at row x
    -1yEntire row at column y
    -1-1Whole map


    Designs need to be made for different fossils, artifacts, and minerals.

    Color Scheme

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