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We need to set up the licensing terms on our entire spectrum of tools to accomplish two goals.

  1. Open-source and free projects should be able to use our code freely. This is how we support FOSS.
  2. Proprietary use of our tools should require a paid license.
NOTE: Regardless of our structure, we can use our own tools however we wish - we retain the copyrights.

Free License

The license that provides the most protections against unauthorized proprietary use is the GPL v3. I'm not actually a massive fan of the license, but I get the point - it keeps companies from hijacking the code and making money from it.

The most important tenant of the GPL v3 license is that anything that is linked to GPL'd code must be released under the same license, or some compatible FOSS license. No matter what way you slice it, all the linked code is now open-source.

Proprietary License

This license is available for any project that cannot comply with the terms of the GPL.

Pricing Tier

This would need to be carefully structured, so developers that make a little money pay a little money, and developers that make a lot of money pay a lot of money. A few systems that we could use...

  • Per-User: Depending on the number of end users that the product in question, the developer pays more. The downside is, this doesn't differentiate between 99-cent end-user licenses and $10,000 end-user licenses.
  • Royalty: We get a certain percentage of profits on an annual basis. The downside of this is that it is hard to monitor.
  • Profit-Capped License: Under a certain profit, one licensing fee is charged. Over that profit level, a second fee is charged.

Other Obligations

We may consider requiring that proprietary projects using Lightrift|Anari must place the project branding on their product in some designated form. Then, we can use that branding to drive traffic to MousePaw Media.

In-House Use

As mentioned earlier, in-house use of our technologies (i.e. to create our own software) would be free.

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