runall should return false on any suite failure


runall should return false on any suite failure


jcmcdonaldAuthored on Feb 18 2021, 11:12 AM
jcmcdonaldPushed on Feb 18 2021, 11:12 AM
rG038284a0d85f: Fix header include order

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I pulled and tested this against simplexpress, purposefully breaking one of the tests in simplex_test.hpp (suite X-sB00), but the tester will still run the rest of the suites without indicating at the end of the output that anything failed. Still requires me to scroll up in the terminal to find the failed test at the end of suite X-sB00.

Weird, because it worked here...hmm...

I went in Goldilocks on stable and ran git pull and make ready there (which did rebuild) and then went back to SIMPLEXpress and tested. Unless I missed a step?

Did you rebuild SIMPLEXpress too?

Yeah or I wouldn't have had the failing test at all.

Oh. Right. Derp.

Something's wrong, then, because this actually worked on my end. Eeep.

Will debug later.

Oh nevermind, I know what the problem is, my mistake. Was using the devel branch of SIMPLEXpress which is running off goldilocks in pawlib still. Let me test with the branch that is loading from the goldilocks repo.

Okay, using the correct branch it works fine. Sorry XD