Holiday Break
23 Dec 2019 - 5 Jan 2020

In celebration of the holidays, MousePaw Media will be on break from Monday, 23 December 2019 through Sunday, 5 January 2020.

  • During these two weeks, you're free from your usual time commitment and check-in email requirement.
  • This time does not count against your vacation time.
  • If you so choose, you are permitted to work during this time, but are NOT required to do so. If you do work, please log your time in the usual manner.
  • Supervisors may not (will not) be available during the break.
You MUST check in via email on Monday, 6 January 2020!

Enjoy your break!

Written by jcmcdonald on Dec 17 2019, 10:03 AM.
CEO, Lead Developer

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