New Policy: Dev Journals

Effective Monday, 31 January 2022, we are replacing the old "check-in email" policy and our weekly stand-up meetings with Dev Journals.

Your Dev Journal is your own personal Phabricator Phame blog. You must add a new post to your Dev Journal by Monday morning every week, with the following information:

  • What you’ve done over the past week,
  • What challenges you faced over the past week,
  • What you learned over the past week,
  • What you’re planning to do over the upcoming week,
  • The Phabricator object IDs or links for anything you’ve worked on (inline).

Along with posting your own Dev Journal entry, read and comment on at least two other team member’s dev journal posts every week.

While this is a requirement, have fun with this! Your Dev Journal is a fantastic opportunity to share findings, record your progress on tasks, and keep track of questions. Since interns must comment on each other's Dev Journal entries, it also provides a good opportunity to solve problems collaboratively. You also have the power of Remarkup at your disposal. While Phame provides you with a template, you are welcome to make it your own with inline links, images, memes, emojis, and whatever else you want to add. (Just keep it work appropriate, of course.)

This new policy will be enforced to the same degree (and stricter) than check-in emails were.

This means you do NOT need to send check-in emails to eco@mousepawmedia.com anymore. Your Dev Journal will serve as a combination of your check-in email to your supervisor, your weekly stand-up report to your teammates, and your own personal internship journal.

We will still have regular meetings, but these will be taking a new form. Be on the lookout for news on how that will be structured in the next week.

If you have any questions about this policy, contact me, Anne, or ECO via email or Mattermost.

Here's the official policy, from the Staff Introduction: https://devdocs.mousepawmedia.com/guides/staff.html#phame
Here's how to use Phabricator Phame: https://devdocs.mousepawmedia.com/network/phabricator.html#phame
Here's a link to Phabricator Phame: https://phab.mousepawmedia.com/phame/

Written by jcmcdonald on Jan 29 2022, 8:31 PM.
CEO, Lead Developer

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I just wanted to say thank you again for the opportunity to do this internship. It means a lot to me.