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Welcome to MousePaw Media's Phabricator! This Dashboard is designed to help you get started using Phabricator.

Complete tutorials and guides can be found on the DevNet Documentation.

Join the chat on {Z51} for assistance.

Macro _mission_: Your mission... Should you cheese to accept it...


Here's a quick rundown of the most common tools here on Phabricator:

  • Audit: Post-commit review. Raise concerns about code that's already been committed.
  • Differential: Submit and review code (pre-commit review). (Similar to GitHub Pull Requests)
  • Diffusion: Browse code and commits. (Similar to GitHub Code]
  • Maniphest: Task and Bug Tracker. (Similar to GitHub Issues)
  • Paste: Pastebin with syntax highlighting, history, and comments. (Similar to GitHub Gist)
  • Phriction: Our wiki. You are welcome to create and edit pages. (Similar to GitHub Wiki)
  • Ponder: Q&A, StackOverflow style.
  • Projects: Browse projects, groups, and other tags. Projects also have Workboards (similar to GitHub Projects)

GitHub -> Phabricator

On GitHubOn Phabricator
Pull RequestDifferential (see Guide)
ProjectProjects -> (select project) -> Workboard
Watch ProjectProjects -> (select project) -> Watch
Leave comment on commitAudit


When you first start out, you're a normal user with basic privileges.

After you've proven yourself a trustworthy and reliable contributor, you may be selected as a member of Trusted Contributors [Group], which grants access to some additional tools and resources on Phabricator.

Some contributors choose to be "informal interns," whereby they complete the MousePaw Media internship program on a purely volunteer basis.

Staff [Group] have the top privilege level, having access to virtually everything. For legal and security reasons, outside contributors are never granted this privilege level.



Report Bug/Request Feature

You can Report a Bug or Request a Feature using the provided links, or from the Create Task button on the upper-right corner of Maniphest.

For a complete guide to task creation (for contributors), see our Guide: Task Creation. If you're only submitting a bug report or feature request, we've included a link to the relevant subsection of that guide on the Bug Report and Feature Request forms.

Find A Task

Eager to get started? To find a task to work on, select Task Finder from the front-page menu. Alternatively, you can search Maniphest.

Ask A Question

If you're having trouble either using or contributing to any of our projects, you can use Ponder to submit a question. You can also contact us in {Z51} if you want to talk to a live person.

Submit Code

If you've got some code ready to go, you can submit a Differential (which is like a pull request). Learn more with our Guide: Code Contributions.

Join A Project

You should take a moment and join the project(s) you want to be involved in. In addition to subscribing you to relevant notifications, this gives you the ability to edit most of the project's Phriction pages.

To join a project browse our projects list, click the one you're interested in, select Members, and Join Project. Easy as that!

You may join as many projects as you like, but please only join if you're actually interested in contributing. If you only want to receive notifications, select Watch Project instead.

Clone and Build Code

If you're ready to check out one of our repositories and get started coding, see our Guide: Code Contributions.

Learn how to build our code with our Guide: Building Code.