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Error System
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Because a lot of functions in Puppeteer return character data it is hard to set up an error report involving those particular functions. So I would design it so that the system had an error report series of functions. Essentially these could be enabled or disabled easily and while enabled it would create a log of the functions called and the status involving the data of these functions. However even while disabled the programmer should be able to call a class variable that states if something went wrong allowing for cleaner code and less guessing later.

Also allows the enumeration for errors to be clearer.

Things to consider.

  • Should this be another class that is used by PuppeteerXML?
  • Error File output
  • How to incorporate throughout the PuppeteerXML code
  • For the error enumerations should that just be a class wide int? should it hold more then one error?
  • Can we make it so that an interrupt is called when an error does occur to prevent code from crashing?


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Since you're working on Breakdown, should this task's priority be elevated? Also, is this truly a g0?