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sort() Function Wrappers
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Add a function wrapper for sort(). Add wrappers to each sorting algorithm for handling the same random access iterators present in std::sort(). This ensures that pawlib::sort() is a drop-in replacement for std::sort().


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Hi, to start on Pawlib project, I am ready to work on this task. Thanks.

@lulu731 Hi there! You're absolutely welcome to. The repository is at rP PawLIB, and the instructions for setting up your dev environment, building, and submitting code can all be found at

If you have any questions, just pop into {Z51}.

Be advised, PawSort is still in experimental phase. Some of the sorting algorithms still need to be completed, debugged, improved, and optimized.

Also, see V11. (I'm trying to get more feedback on that. You're welcome to repost it in {Z51} to get input from some of the other contribs.

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