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Our implementation of introsort needs to merge the following concepts:

  • Introspective Sort, which combines heap sort and quicksort to prevent excessive recursion.
  • Dual-Pivot Quicksort, which has marked gains over traditional Quicksort.
  • Heap Sort (see above)
  • New algorithm for selecting pivot points, based on median-of-three.

This is historic for two reasons!

  • This appears to be the first open-source implementation of the Dual-Pivot Quicksort.
  • This is the first time Introsort has been combined with Quicksort, thereby creating a new sorting algorithm!


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I've been in contact with Vladamir Yaroslavisky, the creator of DPQS, and Sebastian Wild, a CS PhD who wrote his thesis on the algorithm. We've been trying (unsuccessfully so far) to coordinate our schedules to republish the original whitepaper, revised, along with a fully open-source implementation of the algorithm. If this working combined algorithm can be completed, that'll probably help. (Of course, proper credit goes to anyone who helps, so I'll keep you in that loop since you're working on this now too.)

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I'll hand this task off to you, then, for the initial stable version. If you run into trouble, ping me. I'll assist mostly when we get to the "optimization" phase of this.

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