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Goldilocks 2.0: Benchmark single test
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What is the exact feature or behavior required?

In Goldilocks 1, you can run comparative benchmarks between two tests, but can't run a benchmark with a single test entered.

It would be nice to be able to benchmark a single test.

One or more example use cases for the feature, including sample expected input and output.

Example: working on optimizing a function, a user would like to run a "before" and "after" test for the specific logic they are working on, to see if they made an improvement.

Side note: might also be handy to be able to save benchmark results to some kind of file, too.

An explanation of why the feature is needed. This is important to prioritization. “It would be nice if...” takes a backseat to “This common scenario doesn’t work without...”.

It would be handy, because otherwise "before" and "after" style comparison would require duplicating the code called and having both states present in the codebase at once.

Any initial ideas you have on implementation (if applicable).


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