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Ratscript: Math parser
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(rewritten from primitive understanding of the lexer/scanner situation)

Take tokens generated by the Lexer and interpret/parse them for math patterns.

Function should recursively separate into one of these patterns until no matches remain:

math, operator, math
(math, operator, math)
function result, operator, math
math, operator, function result
(function result, operator, math)
(math, operator, function result)

and create an appropriate tree with the relative positions of each token (number, operator, parenthesis).


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ardunster triaged this task as p3: Next priority.Nov 11 2020, 3:52 PM
ardunster created this task.

The work in D383 didn't directly address this, and in following the pattern of Lox, it isn't the Lexer's job to discern patterns, that happens at the next step of interpretation. (Parsing?)

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