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GoldilocksShell: Shell Features
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User Story

As someone testing frequently through the shell, I need standard shell features, like arrow key navigation and history.


Implement readline or readline-like functionality within the goldilocks shell. Specifically, the ability to scroll through and access command history.

This may ultimately need to be implemented through IOSqueak, although maybe not on the first pass.

Definition of "Done"

There should be little to no appreciable difference between the bash shell and GoldilocksShell in terms of user experience.

Dependencies and Tools

I think this can be accomplished using GNU readline out of the box.

Required Skills

  • C++



Task Type
Proposed Urgency
g2: Minor
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Does this sound useful to anyone else?

It's definitely been on my list, yes! I'd hoped to implement Blueshell soon-ish as part of IOSqueak [Project], and then use that to reimplement Goldilocks Shell. That said, there's no reason why we have to wait altogether.

However, we may want to reimplement this behavior without using GNU Readline, simply for reasons of portability. I don't want to add yet one more dependency anyway. I know it's possible.

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