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How to deal with arc land merge conflicts?
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Asked by memateo on Feb 11 2021, 4:48 PM.


Hey everyone,
I've been trying to land D354, but I keep getting merge conflicts when using arc land, any suggestions? Here's what I've tried so far:

arc land --onto devel
arc land --revision D354 --onto devel
I've tried deleting my anari folder and then getting all the files back through clone, checkout, and patch.

So, any tips? I bet it's a simple command that I'm missing to be honest!


Updated 720 Days Ago

You'll need to use git and merge them first:

  • Make sure devel is up to date with git pull, etc
  • Switch to your branch for D354
  • Run git merge to get all the changes from devel since D354 was started, which will probably generate a bunch of conflicts that you'll need to manually adjust (especially since arc isn't doing it itself, which sometimes it can if they don't conflict).

I'm not aware of any way to do it through arcanist (although there may be, I'm not an arcanist expert).

Once you successfully resolve all conflicts and save the files, you may be able to use arc land --onto devel without using arc diff again first, but you may also have to diff and get approval again. I haven't figured out exactly why it does one sometimes and not the other. It may have something to do with whether you've used git commit again first but I'm not sure.

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