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Reference Error when using Kivy's DropDown Class
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Asked by dlsmith on Feb 21 2017, 5:40 PM.


I'm building the menu button/dropdowns (File, Edit, etc.) at the top of lightrift with a button that creates an instance of Kivy's DropDown class. This object should display a list of options to choose from under the button, much like virtually any program GUI today. However, regardless of how well I've implemented it to date, eventually I get a:

"ReferenceError: weakly-referenced object no longer exists"

This is in reference to opening the dropdown with the following line of kv lang:


I'm not quite sure which part of the line is the one that "no longer exists." The 'file_dropdown' DropDown object, or the "self," which in this case is the button opening the dropdown.

Of course, this warrants more research on my end, which I'll be doing. Just posting it here to see if it get's answered by one of MPG's own.

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