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Jason's VSCode Settings

Authored by jcmcdonald on Jan 29 2018, 7:10 PM.
// Turn off data sharing
"telemetry.enableCrashReporter": false,
"telemetry.enableTelemetry": false,
// I prefer TAB instead of ENTER for accepting suggestions.
"editor.acceptSuggestionOnEnter": "off",
// Turn on editor folding; "auto" often doesn't work
"editor.foldingStrategy": "indentation",
// Minimap can be incredibly helpful.
"editor.minimap.enabled": false,
// Allow zooming the editor.
"editor.mouseWheelZoom": true,
// This makes it easier to tell what line I've highlighted
"editor.renderLineHighlight": "all",
// I like seeing markers for whitespace on the beginning and end of line,
// but not middle. Change this to "all" if you like seeing everything.
"editor.renderWhitespace": "all",
// This shows my 'text overflow' lines
"editor.rulers": [80, 120],
// Always pre-select the first suggestion in autocomplete
"editor.suggestSelection": "first",
// Weight autocomplete suggestions based on nearby words
"editor.suggest.localityBonus": true,
"explorer.sortOrder": "type",
// I don't want to see these files in the file tree
"files.exclude": {
"**/.git": true,
"**/.svn": true,
"**/.hg": true,
"**/CVS": true,
"**/.DS_Store": true,
"**/.arcconfig": true,
"**/.arclibs": true,
"**/.arclint": true
// If I'm trying to close, I ALWAYS want to ensure my files are saved!
"files.hotExit": "off",
// I don't want trailing newlines on my files, but one.
"files.trimFinalNewlines": true,
"files.insertFinalNewline": true,
"files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true,
// Make sure files are saved before comitting, to make sure nothing gets missed.
"git.promptToSaveFilesBeforeCommit": "always",
"terminal.integrated.rendererType": "dom",
// Start with 100% zoom
"window.zoomLevel": 0,
// Show the activity bar.
"workbench.activityBar.visible": true,
// If I delete a file, I like to remove it from my viewer.
"workbench.editor.closeOnFileDelete": false,
// When a tab is modified and unsaved, indicate it.
"workbench.editor.highlightModifiedTabs": true,
// If I misplace a tab, I don't want a second copy; just take me to it!
"workbench.editor.revealIfOpen": true,
// Always show open editors in tabs
"workbench.editor.showTabs": true,
// I'm partial to the Hack or Source Code Pro font
"editor.fontFamily": "'Hack', 'Source Code Pro', 'monospace', monospace, 'Droid Sans Fallback'",
// I'm partial to the Hack and Source Code Pro font
"terminal.integrated.fontFamily": "'Hack', 'Source Code Pro', 'monospace', monospace, 'Droid Sans Fallback'",
// Set my chosen color theme...
"workbench.colorTheme": "LaserWave",
// ...and icon theme...
"workbench.iconTheme": "material-icon-theme",
// Use smooth cursor blinking
"editor.cursorSmoothCaretAnimation": true,
// I personally like the "phase" animation.
"editor.cursorBlinking": "phase",
// I prefer my sidebar on the right, instead of the left.
"workbench.sideBar.location": "right",
"workbench.colorCustomizations": {
"activityBarBadge.background": "#C6FF00",
"list.activeSelectionForeground": "#C6FF00",
"list.inactiveSelectionForeground": "#C6FF00",
"list.highlightForeground": "#C6FF00",
"scrollbarSlider.activeBackground": "#C6FF0050",
"editorSuggestWidget.highlightForeground": "#C6FF00",
"textLink.foreground": "#C6FF00",
"progressBar.background": "#C6FF00",
"pickerGroup.foreground": "#C6FF00",
"tab.activeBorder": "#C6FF00",
"notificationLink.foreground": "#C6FF00",
"editorWidget.resizeBorder": "#C6FF00",
"editorWidget.border": "#C6FF00",
"settings.modifiedItemIndicator": "#C6FF00",
"settings.headerForeground": "#C6FF00",
"panelTitle.activeBorder": "#C6FF00",
"breadcrumb.activeSelectionForeground": "#C6FF00",
"menu.selectionForeground": "#C6FF00",
"menubar.selectionForeground": "#C6FF00"
// Do not center layout in zen mode
"zenMode.centerLayout": false,
// Do not hide line numbers in zen mode
"zenMode.hideLineNumbers": false,
// Do not hide status bar in zen mode
"zenMode.hideStatusBar": false,
// Do not hide tabs in zen mode
"zenMode.hideTabs": false,
// Clang linting gets noisy; turn off by default
"c-cpp-flylint.clang.enable": false,
// cppcheck will throw too many warnings otherwise
"c-cpp-flylint.cppcheck.force": false,
// We need to point cppcheck to the top of directories containing includes
//"c-cpp-flylint.cppcheck.includePaths": ["./", "../libdeps"],
"c-cpp-flylint.cppcheck.includePaths": ["./"],
// I don't want flexelint
"c-cpp-flylint.flexelint.enable": false,
// Linters don't understand c++14, use c++11 for modern C/C++.
"c-cpp-flylint.standard": ["c11", "c++11"],
// If all else fails, use LLVM style.
"C_Cpp.clang_format_fallbackStyle": "LLVM",
// Point to the clang-format executable on the system
"C_Cpp.clang_format_path": "clang-format-7",
// Only post warnings to the output window.
"C_Cpp.loggingLevel": "Warning",
// Use local docker instance on default port.
"": "",
// Point to LLDB
"lldb.executable": "lldb-7",
// Use the integrated terminal when debugging with LLDB
"lldb.launch.terminal": "integrated",
// Automatically join audio call on starting session.
"": "accept",
// Do not automatically share servers
"liveshare.autoShareServers": false,
// Require approval for any guests to join.
"liveshare.guestApprovalRequired": true,
// I don't need more than 5 guests at a time.
"liveshare.increasedGuestLimit": false,
// Do not automaticaly open shared servers in browser. (I seldom do web dev)
"liveshare.openSharedServers": false,
// Share information about the workspace with guests.
"liveshare.publishWorkspaceInfo": true,
// It's helpful to see where read-only guests are positioned.
"liveshare.showReadOnlyUsersInEditor": "always",
// BE SURE TO SET phabricator.apiToken!
// Base URL for Phabricator interface
"phabricator.baseUrl": "",
// Get notifications about diff approvals
"phabricator.diffNotifications": true,
// Disable Google tracking
"phabricator.enableTelemetry": false,
// Base URL for Phabricator links
"phabricator-links.url": "",
// Show everything in the output window.
"python.analysis.logLevel": "Information",
// I don't do data science, so don't even bother with these features.
"python.dataScience.allowImportFromNotebook": false,
"python.dataScience.searchForJupyter": false,
"python.dataScience.changeDirOnImportExport": false,
// Use black for autoformatting
"python.formatting.provider": "black",
// Use Microsoft Intellisense instead of Jedi
"python.jediEnabled": false,
// Lint with Flake8
"python.linting.flake8Enabled": true,
// Use PyTest for testing
"pythonTestExplorer.testFramework": "pytest",
// Just the typical default; this may changes from one project to the next
// Should also be defined in Workspace Settings
"restructuredtext.builtDocumentationPath": "${workspaceFolder}/build/html",
// Point to the restructuredtext-lint executable
"restructuredtext.linter.executablePath": "restructuredtext-lint",
// Disable RST linter
"": "off",
// Automatically upload and download your settings from your sync Gist
"sync.autoUpload": true,
"sync.autoDownload": true,
// Don't make a lot of noise about syncing.
"sync.quietSync": true,
"HTML (Eex)"
"clock.dateFormat": "ddd, dd mmm yy | HH:MM:ss",
"commentAnchors.workspace.lazyLoad": true,
"commentAnchors.workspace.excludeFiles": "**/{node_modules,.git,.idea,target,out,build,vendor,venv}/**/*",
"cSpell.allowCompoundWords": true,
"cSpell.showStatus": false,
"cSpell.ignorePaths": [
"cSpell.userWords": [
"gitlens.hovers.currentLine.over": "line",
"gitlens.codeLens.recentChange.enabled": false,
"gitlens.codeLens.authors.enabled": false,
"gitlens.mode.statusBar.enabled": false,
"gitlens.currentLine.enabled": false,
"gitlens.advanced.messages": {
"suppressCommitHasNoPreviousCommitWarning": false,
"suppressCommitNotFoundWarning": false,
"suppressFileNotUnderSourceControlWarning": false,
"suppressGitVersionWarning": false,
"suppressLineUncommittedWarning": false,
"suppressNoRepositoryWarning": false,
"suppressResultsExplorerNotice": false,
"suppressShowKeyBindingsNotice": true
"gitlens.views.fileHistory.enabled": true,
"gitlens.views.lineHistory.enabled": true,
// Indents aren't always consistent in these languages, so don't whine if
// they're different from the "usual"
"indentRainbow.ignoreErrorLanguages": [
"java.configuration.checkProjectSettingsExclusions": false,
"java.home": "/usr/lib/jvm/java-12-oracle",
"java.errors.incompleteClasspath.severity": "ignore",
"peacock.affectActivityBar": false,
"peacock.affectStatusBar": true,
"peacock.affectTitleBar": false,
"peacock.favoriteColors": [
"name": "MousePaw Yellow",
"value": "#FFCB05"
"name": "MousePaw Pink",
"value": "#DE8787"
"name": "Anari Blue",
"value": "#1C41ED"
"name": "Goldilocks Brown",
"value": "#703F2E"
"name": "Lightrift Orange",
"value": "#FAB610"
"name": "PawLIB Red",
"value": "#D90000"
"name": "Ratscript Green",
"value": "#185926"
"name": "SIMPLEXpress Red",
"value": "#FF0000"
"name": "Stormsound Purple",
"value": "#671D87"
"name": "Trailcrest Yellow",
"value": "#FFFF00"
// Use uppercase keywords for PostgreSQL
"pgsql.format.keywordCasing": "uppercase",
"rust.mode": "rls",
// Highlight TODO comments.
"todohighlight.isEnable": true,
// Run TODO Highlight on Python, C, and C++ files
"todohighlight.include": [
// I like to have a few more keywords beyond the defaults.
// Yes, I am redefining a couple. Explicit > Implicit and all that.
"todohighlight.keywords": [
"vsicons.dontShowNewVersionMessage": true,

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