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DiamondQuest Mineral Sprites

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ardunster, Jun 16 2020
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These are brilliant! @emlarson, you've gotta see these. :D

Wow @ardunster, these are awesome!

Inline Comments

I think this one's my favorite. I love the little shine/reflective detail you added.

:o thanks @emlarson ! the shine was there on my reference pic, it was just figuring out how to translate it. Never knew coal was that shiny.

@ardunster Awesome! By the way, we are continuing DiamondQuest development through the summer, including a sprint at EuroPython in late July, so if you want to keep expanding these, we'd really appreciate it! :D It wouldn't be possible with you.

(I will definitely make sure your name is prominently displayed along with Elizabeth Larson and Wightking for the graphics!)

@jcmcdonald I plan to keep working on them as I have time - was out of town for about 4 days camping last week but otherwise don't have much going on besides study, so I should be able to get back into it a bit. Made a washboard tonight, lol but ran out of time; I'll upload a handful of artifacts when I get them together!