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DiamondQuest Miner Digital Sketches

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Mock Description

Here are some digital sketches of the miner avatar

Event Timeline

Very nice! Good color match.

Just a hint: those lower blocks she's over are the bedrock, so she'd never be over those. The stone blocks above constitute the game area.

I do like these! I'm leaving a couple of notes, but you should go ahead and switch focus to creating the sprite forms now. These would be 16x16 GIFs (GIMP is probably the best tool for this.) Integrate my comments into the sprite designs, instead of into these.

Inline Comments

She should hold the drill so it points straight ahead. Remember, it will "pull" her along in the direction she's drilling, and if that's directly up or down, the sprite gets rotated.

Incidentally, it would be funny if it pulled her right off her feet, so she was straight out midair behind the running drill!

As for suspension, she'd be hanging from a hook attached to her (presently invisible) belt. She wouldn't hang from the pickaxe by her arms, as the whole point of suspension is so both hands are free to mine with said axe.

Does she need a belt added, at least in the sprite form?

Note the direction of the point of the pickaxe - it should go directly into the rock in front of her!

You may also need to make forms for above, above at an angle, below, and below at an angle. That is...


If she's standing at ., she'll need to be able to mine 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Heee hee heeee

This walk is going to look so funny, especially in "coffee mode". I like!