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DiamondQuest Splash Screen/Banner/Logo

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Sketch and design based on an inline comment from @jcmcdonald found here:

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    emlarson created DiamondQuest Splash Screen/Banner/Logo Preliminary Sketch.May 26 2020, 3:11 PM
    emlarson added an image: LogoSketch.jpg.
    emlarson added a subscriber: jcmcdonald.

    As to the background, it would be neat to have the stone texture tiled behind her, getting darker as it moves away from her, as if the only light was that of her headlamp shining into the diamond. Inkscape would probably provide the best tools for doing that, both in creating the vector form of the miner, and the rest of the elements for the splash screen.

    emlarson renamed this mock from DiamondQuest Splash Screen/Banner/Logo Preliminary Sketch to DiamondQuest Splash Screen/Banner/Logo.Jun 25 2020, 5:38 PM
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    Inline Comments

    This one! The purple just speaks to me for some reason.

    The black text works, because (a) it opposes the diamond in color, lest the two fight for attention, and (b) because it relates to the "treasures of the darkness" sort of motif.

    So good. :)

    Inline Comments

    Glow has cutoff on the sides. You may need to increase your canvas area so this doesn't happen, that way this can be displayed over any size background.