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DiamondQuest Miner Preliminary Sketches

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More about her design can be found here. Digital sketches can be found here.

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I love the current revision models! The TNT model would have to be head-on at first, and then turn to the side.

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Looks great, but due to physics, the braid with swing away from the side that is reaching up.

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The idle animation will still need to be a side-view, as if the character were walking and just stopped.

Random thought; what would she look like with a nose, especially a comically bulbous nose? Then you could have the front of the helmet rest on said nose.

Love the face!!!

The game splash screen, banner, and logo could be based on a non-blocky version of this same character, holding a giant diamond and making an "ooooooooooo" face.

The other reason to have the braid swing opposite to the hand is to complement the character's motion line.

I hit submit too quickly.

GREAT job! Loving the progress so far.

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Any thoughts on colors? Some hex codes I found that might look nice are #be8f65 for her skin, #3B354F for her hair, and then something that really pops for her helmet and outfit.

I like those colors. I would recommend creating an official color palette, based on your colors and those in M117. All UI design work will pull from that.

Here's an example of how to format a color & font palette. (Inkscape is great for this): M102

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Yes, definitely! It adds a lot to the face.

I still love this. The nose will make it even more comical. :o)