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Fix PawSort (intro_sort and heap_sort)

Authored by lulu731 on Aug 13 2018, 8:34 AM.


rPc99e7e0f1722: Fix PawSort (intro_sort and heap_sort)
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Implemented introspective sort :

  • DPQS;
  • pivots selected thanks to median-of-3 algo;
  • quitting recursive sort through depth (apply heap-sort) or threshold (number of item in array < 17).

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Added tests for insertion_sort.

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Thanks @lulu731! However, before I can review, we need your signature on {L5} for legal reasons. If you have any questions about our Terms of Development, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Some super minor things. You can probably address these at the same time as your additional improvements; just keep working on the same branch, and run the usual...

git add .
git commit
arc diff update this Differential.


The sparse commenting was my bad. Would you be so kind as to intent-comment this following our Commenting Showing Intent standard? (

In short, each logical statement (or at least logical section) should have a comment describing the "intent" or "why". If, in later reading or code review, the code and intent are found to mismatch, one can generally assume there's a bug.


Much better name than tmp. Thank you. :)


Actually, the prefix notation was deliberate. When its standalone like this, it's a minor performance gain in some circumstances, moot in others. Compiler optimization aside, --j; is one less instruction than j--;.


What's this do? (By the way, you can reply to inline comments right here on the Differential. Just tap the reply button to the upper right of this box.

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This comment was removed by jcmcdonald.
jcmcdonald retitled this revision from Fixed insertion_sort used in intro_sort. modified : pawlib-source/include/pawlib/pawsort.hpp modified : pawlib-source/include/pawlib/pawsort_tests.hpp to Fix Insertion Sort.Aug 15 2018, 8:42 AM
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introsort implemented with DPQS, median-of-3 pivots and heap_sort.

Updating D240: Fix Insertion Sort

  • implementation of introsort;
  • tests for insertion sort added.
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@lulu731 Oh! I think I know what's going on.

In D241: PawLIB: Use CPGF 1.6.0/rPf93584d74597: PawLIB: Use CPGF 1.6.0, I upgraded PawLIB to use CPGF 1.6.0, and I updated the dependencies on Jenkins to provide CPGF 1.6.0. However, because you last pulled from master before D241 landed, you've got old code.

In other words, the fix is simple: switch to and update your copy of master, and then rebase your introsort branch off the new master. Before you do this, make sure you don't have any uncommitted changes; if you have uncommitted changes, git stash them first, and then git stash pop them after the rebase.

git checkout master
git pull origin master
git checkout introsort
git rebase master
jcmcdonald retitled this revision from Fix Insertion Sort to Fix PawSort.Sep 7 2018, 11:37 AM

In addition to my above comment, could you please update the description on this Differential Revision (Edit Revision up above) to reflect the whole gamut of changes you're making? Thanks!

The lint warnings may not be strictly necessary, but they're really a good idea to address. We really do need to get into the habit of using override around here, and I need to introduce it into the code elsewhere. Our standard is to only land code once the lint is clean. (In the rare case the linter is in actual error, we manually suppress the warning on that particular line; that's not necessary to do here.)

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sep 8 2018, 6:21 PM
lulu731 retitled this revision from Fix PawSort to Fix PawSort (intro_sort and heap_sort).Sep 9 2018, 5:11 AM
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  • Added tests for insertion_sort.
  • First implementation of intro_sort. Tests pass.
  • introsort algorithm implemented with median of 3 and 2 pivots.
  • Implementation of intro_sort (DPQS + median-of-3 + heap_sort)
  • Override specifier for function in TestInsertionSort class.

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Building PawLIB on LittleXenial as build 473. for more details.

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jcmcdonald added inline comments.

Why are we untracking .gitignore? This needs to be tracked!

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Sep 9 2018, 5:31 AM

Great progress! All the tests are passing. (See below in this comment for the benchmark results).

A few things need to be sorted out about the tests. See inline comments.

Also, (as mentioned in the previous comment, please don't add .gitignore to .gitignore. That file should be tracked.

Third, it seems the PawSort test suite is being registered under the wrong name (P-sB40 instead of P-sB30). It appears that the OneString suite was mistakenly given this suite's assigned other words, they're swapped. Could you untangle that in pawlib-tester/main.cpp:87-88?

In other news, here's the benchmark results for PawSort right now! You can run each of these via ./tester --benchmark P-tB3001 (or whatever the ID is):

TestResult (Baby Bear, Adjusted)
P-tB3001: Sorted ArrayWon (+220495 cycles)
P-tB3002: Reversed ArrayLost (-118451 cycles)
P-tB3003: Nearly, Invert 2Lost (-66325 cycles)
P-tB3004: Nearly, Invert 5Lost (-155802 cycles)
P-tB3005: Few UniqueLost (-735967 cycles)
P-tB3006: Black SheepLost (-72129 cycles)
P-tB3007: Double ClimbWon (+63023 cycles)
P-tB3008: Double DropWon (+564468 cycles)
P-tB3009: StairsWon (+285690 cycles)
P-tB3010: MountainWon (+501040 cycles)
P-tB3011: Double MountainLost (-197263 cycles)
P-tB3012: EverestWon (+381001 cycles)
P-tB3013: CliffWon (+648601 cycles)
P-tB3014: SpikeWon (+454654 cycles)
P-tB3015: CliffWon (+699406 cycles)
P-tB3016: NightmareLost (-1056965 cycles)

After landing this, we'll want to look into why the other tests fail. This algorithm seems especially vulnerable to scenarios with few unique items, or where the array is *mostly* sorted. Nightmare is also a problem: I wrote it specifically to cause problems for std::sort.

NOTE: As you might know, you never run benchmarks on Debug, as -g can throw things off (especially in our favor).

Rename to P-tB3010


Change this line to TestPawSort(...), true


...and change this line to TestStdSort(...).

Somehow I inverted them.


I just realized...why do we have this scenario twice? Was it supposed to be DOUBLE_CLIFF or something like that?


Insertion Sort is always going to be slower than any decent implementation of Introsort (std::sort is one). Thus, the comparative tests are pointless for InsertionSort.

Rewrite each of these entries to only have the first two arguments (the main test, and true for "run automatically with the suite").

In other words...

    new TestInsertionSort(TestSort::ARRAY_SORTED), true);

Drop the * from this name. That's part of an old test ID system we no longer use.


Same as before, is this supposed to be DOUBLE_CLIFF or something? (My mistake, I suspect).

lulu731 marked 13 inline comments as done.
  • Fix minor errors on .gitignore, pawlib-source/src/pawsort_tests.cpp, pawlib-tester/main.cpp
  • Fix PAWSORT tests scenarios.


Landing it to master is simple: arc land introsort.

Then, you can make a new branch and start on whatever's next.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Sep 12 2018, 12:50 PM
This revision was automatically updated to reflect the committed changes.
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